Founded on fairness and candidness, the Organization Pignonaise/Pignonais in Action (OPPA) vows to promote the socio-economic and cultural development of Pignon while seeking to mobilize volunteer across the globe on the necessity to work together through brotherhood and harmony for the progress of Pignon


A strong and determined organization that is united with a common goal in promoting socio-economic development, bolstering education, supporting entrepreneurship, and launching community-based sports programs in the hope of building a brighter and vibrant future to everyone in Pignon (Haiti).


The fundamental goal of this association is to promote the social, cultural and economic development of Pignon. In order to achieve its fundamental purpose, the association focuses on the following specific objectives:


OPPA Promote and develop tourism, sports and entertainment activities for the benefit of the city of Pignon. We are also cooperate and partnering with humanitarian, philanthropic private, public, national and international organizations working in the city of Pignon.

development tools: shovels, rakes, walking-stick, machetes, etc