Our organization, founded in Montreal, Canada on July 10, 2010 is a non-profit, apolitical, philanthropic organization made up of Pignonais living in the United States, Canada, Haiti and across other countries located around the globe.  Our members consist of various professionals and Pignonais Youth with ties to this Haitian village community who are dedicated participants and contributors to the continuous development of Pignon.  OPPA is open to and welcomes any individual who is willing to share its vision, embrace its philosophy and interested in supporting its cause of helping the Pignon (Haiti) community.  OPPA was established on the basis of fairness, openness, equality and opportunity for all with a steadfast commitment to the promotion of the socio-economic and cultural development of Pignon, Haiti. 



OPPA Promote and develop tourism, sports and entertainment activities for the benefit of the city of Pignon. We are also cooperate and partnering with humanitarian, philanthropic private, public, national and international organizations working in the city of Pignon.

development tools: shovels, rakes, walking-stick, machetes, etc